The most influential online slots that marked history

Technology jokerbetflik and its innovations have allowed the gambling user to have increasingly attractive, more real, why not, more innovative experiences. Slots have a rich history behind them, starting in 1891 and their so-called “one-armed bandit” predecessors , evolving to the present, with hundreds of variations of electronic games that even have 200 paylines available in your pocket on our mobile phone .

Single arm slots

From chewing gum, cigars, fine drinks, bells and whistles, slots have progressed to fantasy characters, real-world celebrities, hundreds of paylines and prizes in the millions. What’s more, people don’t have to wait for the weekend anymore, they don’t even have to leave the house to try their luck, they can do it right from the comfort of their homes.

The changes went through different, progressive stages until they reached the final forms of today and some of them even had greater influences for their progress. The competitive nature of this industry has forced software providers to come up with new solutions , with innovative elements, in order to climb the ladder of success, and we have set out to expose the most important ones.

Video slots from casinos

Video Slot
It all started with the legendary “one-armed bandits” with reel-to-reel symbols! This mechanic was changed in 1976 when Fortune Coin , a software company based in Las Vegas, introduced the industry’s first innovation, the first video slot machine . The display is based around a 19-inch Sony TV, and the first video slot was placed in the Las Vegas Hilton hotel. After being checked for irregularities, the slot was approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and put into use. Being a novelty in the industry, a welcome innovation, the video slot has won the loyalty of players in an alert way and its popularity has grown even outside of Nevada Village.

Selection of slots with progressive jackpots

Progressive Slot
The progressive slot is a slot machine, connected to a network with other games, with a high winning ceiling . This innovation was intended to capture more players simply by offering a mega prize, which a single machine could not do. So in 1986, Megabucks was introduced . This technology is still used today, which fits like a glove for online slots. The first step in this direction was taken by Microgaming in 2000, with the first online progressive slot – Cash Splash. Cash Splash slot is a progressive slot that has allowed huge jackpots to be built by being available to a massive number of online players at once. Cash Splash is still available in 3 and 5 reel versions and is still incredibly popular, thanks to the mega progressive jackpot that pays regularly and changes the lives of many players.

Images of Tomb raider slot

Slot Badge
For a very long time, video slots had no specific theme and were all built with classic symbols, be it fruits, bells or playing cards. This changed with Tomb Raider , released in 2005, the first officially branded online slot. The slot was built with 5 reels and 15 paylines, which the player could select according to their preferences or possibilities. But the connection to the iconic video game character is the innovation that has had a major impact in this industry. Players perceived this change in a positive way and due to its popularity branded slots continued to be developed and slowly different themes were introduced– fantasy stories, rock bands, super heroes, TV Shows and more.

Images of Gonzo’s Quests slot

Custom slot
The industry has always followed the trend and the next step was to give the user a slot that can be customized according to their preference. My slot is a video machine where the player has to upload his own images (fantasy characters), maybe upload his favorite soundtrack, but all within the limits of decency. Myslot can export Action Bar Layout, Marcos and key links as text compatible with transfers. Any character, even different, can use Myslot to import these settings from “Exported Text”.

RV slot
Virtual Reality , although a futuristic factor, is much closer than we think. Slots Milion virtual casino was launched in 2015, with a technology that is quite young but has created a place for itself in this industry. The experience of Gonzo Quest VR and Sugar Rush VR slots is unmatched , where the player becomes part of the game. What hinders the development of this side are the high costs, especially for users, where not everyone has the opportunity to purchase the latest trend in the industry.

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