Smart Watch casinos – a new trend towards evolution?

When betflik 9999 casinos entered the mobile industry, the effect was not as resounding as it would have been. Many of the players have taken a more restrained approach, scared off by stories of online hacking, for real reason. Skepticism also turned to the gaming experience, initially believing that mobile gaming could not match PC gaming in both functionality and numbers. The magic of technology has spoken over time and mobile casinos have proven to be a winning formula and most of the players prefer this mode.

It only works in the presence of the phone

The Smart Watch is one of the newest discoveries in the world of intelligence and I am quite impressed. A few years ago, these were elements of fantasy movies and now they sit on the wrist of our angers and give us access to all the applications on the phone. In the gambling industry, the Smart Watch has the same start as the mobile casino, where players are more reluctant about it. The reason is simple, to play gambling games on Smart Watch, you need your phone and the technology is just at the beginning of the road, where the gaming experience does not suffer compared to that in the mobile environment.

Games of chance available on Smart Watch
As I said before, the Smart Watch is at the beginning of the road and does not have all the functions available. Software developers are constantly researching but until now, there are a limited number of gambling games that work, let’s say conveniently. Mobile poker is one example that works, allowing cards to be viewed and interacted with on the watch. Considering screen size limitations and graphics, the gaming experience is woeful. Poker is perfectly functional on a smart watch but offers the player much less in terms of satisfaction.

Some software for slot games have also been developed, but even these do not manage to rise to the optimal level of their counterparts in the mobile environment, but which work reasonably well. Here too, the player is limited in choice, as the Smart Watch can only display slots with one payline. If the user chooses a slot with multiple paylines, they simply do not work.

What is the most likely future

How is the gameplay different?
What does it bring? Practically nothing when it comes to gambling. The user must have the mobile phone close to be able to access applications on the smart watch. It has the same activation system and functionality, a button and a touch screen. The Smart Watch has a smaller, extremely limited screen size, which directly affects the user experience. A bigger screen means a better experience. If we’re talking about checking email or a quick message, we can understand the convenience factor, but if we’re talking about gambling, we can’t understand how a limited experience can be better.

With an extremely small display, inadvertent mistakes are possible by pressing unwanted commands, a rather high risk that can affect the results of gambling games. Incorrect selections can mean the difference between winning and losing. Games are, of course, designed to make such situations as rare as possible, but mistakes are still a possibility. Now, if we talk about poker, the problem is compounded considering that selecting certain cards on the display is constantly required. Slots games are much less complicated as you only need to touch the spin button, so the problem is much less noticeable. However, with a little practice, a person can learn to overcome these restrictions.

The future of this industry on the Smart Watch
At the moment, anyone who owns such a device and wants to play casino games on it, can do so, but in a limited selection. The limitation to games of chance, as well as to the experience, where a lot of the software had to be reduced, in order for them to be functional, cannot bring anything extra to the players’ experience. In other words, the future of this industry on the Smart Watch still does not see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, software providers continue to improve the number of titles available on the Smart Watch, in a slower way, influenced by the craze of the new trend.

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