Las Vegas and the people who helped build this empire

Las betflix168 เข้าสู่ระบบ Vegas, the City of Sins, does not have the historical importance of Paris, Rome or London, but it has managed to make its mark, becoming the world capital of games and entertainment in a few decades. Las Vegas comes with a reputation not exactly suitable for family trips. Sin City is an amalgamation of indulgence, opulence and extravagance, which is visited by thousands of people every week and who come with the attitude, well highlighted in the slogan, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The famous Belagio Fountain

The beginning had nothing to do with gambling, but was simply due to a decision, President Herbert Hoover’s decision to approve the construction of a dam, which would become the Hoover Dam. With the start of construction in 1931, due to the influx of workers, the population of Las Vegas increased significantly, from 5,000 people to 25,0000.

The workers, mostly men, were exactly what all entrepreneurs and mobsters dreamed of, a large number of potential customers. The next step was the flourishing of this industry, where illegal casinos, bars and entertainment venues sprang up overnight. The state of Nevada did not oppose the expansion of this industry, but more than that, 1931 was also the year in which the first licenses were issued for legal operation, for the Northern Casino, the Apache Hotel and the Las Vegas club.

Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas

The city continued to flourish, with only one stop when World War II slowed its development. Another prosperous period for Vegas followed, 1952 – 1957, where the industry was enriched with new acquisitions, more than 10 hotel complexes that provided rooms for gambling. At the end of 1954, a statistic showed that Vegas was receiving more than 8 million visitors annually, and the casinos were taking in more than $200 million annually. Who are the most important people, in the history of Vegas, much loved?

William Andrew Clark
Montana Senator and William Andrews Clark are the reasons Las Vegas is on the map. An American politician and entrepreneur who was heavily involved in the railroad industry, Clark gave people a reason to stop in Vegas. He owned a railroad network that ran between San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake and established Las Vegas as a stop for maintenance. It was he who laid the foundation for the famous Fremont Street.

The famous Fremont Street in Vegas

Steve Wynn
Steve Wynn, a brilliant mind who established himself even from adolescence, is the man who helped to increase the number of casinos in the city, also raised the profile of the industry. By catering to a luxury clientele, the casino magnate has enhanced the image of casinos, gambling and everything associated with the industry. This, in turn, has made Vegas a tourist destination for seasoned gamblers and complete beginners alike.

It all started after the death of his father, when Steve Wynn found himself with a debt worth $350,000, which he wanted to return. In a short time, the businessman, at a very young age, expanded his chain of Bingo halls, inherited from his father, and in 1967 he moved to Vegas.

Following the success of the Bingo Halls, Wynn purchased a complex package, the Frontier Hotel and Casino. From here to his Wynn project was but a step.

The Wynn Project

Howard Hughes
The fact that he was an extremely wealthy man for those times allowed him a lavish lifestyle in Vegas, not least a studio suite at the Desert Inn. While it’s not fair to credit Hughes as the man who started the casino computer trend, he certainly proved what was possible. Thanks to his construction bankroll, Hughes was able to take control of the best apartments for a month.

The only time he was asked to leave was on New Year’s Eve. At that point, he refused and decided to buy the hotel for $13.3 million. After his exploits at the Inn, Hughes was responsible for building a number of casinos and hotels in Vegas. However, for those in the know, it was his ability to get something extra that will live on in Vegas. The culture of compliments (free offers, bonuses) has gone around the world and works even today. A good example is free spins offered at online casinos.

Hotel Desert INN

Sheldon Adelson
The interests of the Vegas businessman, one of the richest men in the world, began as early as 1988, when he and his partners bought the Sands Hotel and Casino. The idea of ​​spending time at Rat Pack Sands became very popular, so Adelson began climbing the ladder of victory. The Venetian is one of the greatest things Las Vegas has ever seen, and it came from Sheldon Adelson.

Built in 1999 and known as the mega-resort, the complex included not only hotel apartments and a game room, but shops, restaurants, bars and more. By 2003, Adelson added another tower to his already flamboyant property to bring the number of apartments to 4,049, create space for an entire shopping center and install a gondola ride. Today, the Venetian and its sister property, the Palazzo, are considered two of the best places to stay in Las Vegas .

El Rancho Vegas

Walter Thompson
Although not related to gambling per se, Thompson is a final figure worth noting. The advertising services offered by Walter Thompson were requested in no time by most businesses in Las Vegas. By highlighting the wealth of performances, dining experiences and more; the marketing guru was able to convince millions of people to visit a remote place in the middle of the Nevada desert. Not surprisingly, this is an angle that many Vegas businesses are still pushing today. If you visit the Las Vegas tourism website, the first thing you will see is a list of big name performers. Maybe now it doesn’t seem like wow, but in those days the impact was a major and positive one, which increased the number of visitors in record time.

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